Mobile Banking

The Digital Wallet services by the CAC International Bank are certainly a breakthrough in Modern Mobile Banking around the world. The CAC Digital Wallet enables you to manage your account from your cell phone no matter where you are. That literally means that you are never short of funds and our bank travels with you to pay for your needs while you avail all the rewards and benefits you have come to expect from us. Incidentally, the CAC International Bank happens to be the first bank ever to bring the exclusive digital wallet to our revered customer in Djibouti.

The Exclusive CAC Digital Wallet is available on all personal communication devices such asiPad, iPhone, Android, etc. At CAC International Bank, we believe that the customer comes first and that is exactly why we strive to give you more control over your cash. Your convenience is the primary objective behind all our operations and our Digital Wallet enables you to pay all your utility bills such as electricity bills (EDD), your water bills (ONEAD), etc. in the easiest possible way. Once the Digital Wallet is enabled on your device, you can also purchase EVATIS credit card for shopping, dining, travelling, etc. and experience the most effective uninterrupted cash facility anywhere on the globe. With loads of other benefits, you can transfer money to another CAC bank account, check your bank statement at any given time and receive an intimation SMS at every transaction on your account may it be deposit or withdrawal, all with your privacy completely intact.

The CAC Digital Wallet is the best financial friend you can find.