Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CAC Mobily was built on an enhanced and secured encryption system, no one can look at any information except the customer himself.

You can download CAC Mobily application from Google stor or Apple store

Anyone maintaining an account with CAC Int bank.

You can contact us on the following numbers:

( +25377092076) - (+25321356363)


No, this is a free service being provided by the bank.

The customer must have a high volume of activity in all banking operations that are included in the E-Banking service.

You can visit the nearest branch of the bank, and fill in the specified application form.

For applying online:
Click on the loan type which appeals to you (personal, car or home)
Read the details on the specific product page
Click ‘Apply Now’ in the top-right of the specific product page
Fill out the quick application form online and click ‘Submit’
Visit us at our offices or contact us telephonically for our professional assistance.

The foremost advantage is that the CAC International Bank provides you the money that you need to fulfill your financial need. As soon as your loan application is approved, which is a meagre 24-hour time, you are in command of your plans. You are saved from the hassle of searching potential parties for borrowing a certain amount of money and don’t have to bargain over inconvenient terms and conditions and horrific interest rates. So, you save a lot of time and effort without being belittled.
Secondly, at CAC International Bank, our experts assess your application and guide you about the most realistic loan amount and pay back schedule according your financial profile. We make sure that you don’t end up in stress by giving you a timeframe to match your income.

A simple application on the CAC International Bank Loan Application Form along with some identification and eligibility documents will be just enough to get you a loan. Of course, your eligibility also depends on the type of Loan Product you are applying for but we can always assist you in hitting the right solution. In other words, you simply need to contact us and we will be honored in guiding you about your eligibility and necessary documentation.

The nature of your need would determine the type of loan that you should apply for. For instance, in case of immediate, urgent and unforeseen needs, you can apply for a personal loan just for a period of 24 hours. However, in case of secure continual financial assistance, perhaps for a business or children educational expenses, a convenient repayment schedule loan with affordable interest rates would be better. CAC International Bank has an impressive panel of loan products and one of these might just capture your interest and serve you perfectly.

The CAC International Bank Personal Loans have been specifically designed to cater for your urgent personal needs with competitive interest rates, convenient repayment schedules and speedy loan processing consolidated with innumerable features and benefits just to suit your financial profile.

The CAC International Bank No Interest Loans allow you to buy furniture and electronics items for household purposes without having to pay any banking charges or interest. Patent suppliers ensure the quality of the products and you buy your dream within the wink of an eye.

If your business is experiencing the usual cash flow fluctuations and you are finding it difficult to expand for lack of financial strength, the CAC International Bank Corporate Loan would help you in meeting your plans with speedy processing and highly affordable interest rates.

Self actualization or realization of dreams is a journey strewn with obstacles and bottlenecks. Sometimes, we cannot get what we want and need assistance to drive us home. Home renovations, children education, electronic equipment, cash flow variations in business, medical treatments and future plans are all considered to be emergent needs that require to be addressed immediately. However, sometimes, we cannot address them immediately owing to financial restraints. That is when a CAC International Bank loan is your best option to deal with the inevitable. Believe it or not, but any reason in your mind is reason enough for a CAC International Bank loan. We take pride in honoring your needs. You can always contact us at following addresses/ contacts for further information:

Djibouti (Main Branch)
Immeuble Dar al Karaam- Quartier Commercial- Rue de Marseille
Tel : 00253 21 35 63 63
Fax : +253 21 35 67 55
BP : 1868 Djibouti
Email :

Free Zone (Djibouti)
Free Zone- Dry Port- Djibouti Lot 01 / Office No. 17/18
Tel: 00253 21 34 86 74
BP : 1868 Djibouti
Email :

Bosaso (Somalia)
Banks Street, Airport Road- Puntland, Bossasso
Tel: 0025205829980
Email :

A loan in modern terms is an arrangement, through a legal contract, whereupon a lender, in this case the bank, provides money/ financial assistance to a borrower, in this case the client, to be returned along with interest upon the lapse of the agreed term/ terms. Primarily, it is a financial transaction between two parties: the bank and the client. Once your request for loan has been processed, the requested amount of money is transferred to you physically or electronically. Every loan agreement has to be time -bound in terms of the repayment the loan along with certain mutually agreed upon terms and conditions. Subsequently, you will then start paying the loan back in monthly installments as per the repayment schedule mutually decided upon at the time of agreement. The CAC International Bank loan schemes are custom tailored to suit your convenience in terms of the amount of money you need, the interest rates, the repayment schedules and easy processing. Our highly competitive interest rates provide you the flexibility to adjust or lower down your monthly payment instalments right according to your financial capacity. At CAC International Bank, your prestige is the foundation stone of our relationship with you.