Corporate Social Responsibility.. We Care

CAC International Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibilities form an integral part of our identity. It helps us give back to the society what we have received in abundance. It shows that while we are a professionally run bank we have made it our responsibility to help people who are less fortunate.

We set corporate social responsibility goals every year and a significant amount of our profits is set aside to achieve them. Through this we managed to touch the lives of people around the countryside of Djibouti specifically orphaned children and students. Distribution of basic necessities of life to deserving families, school supplies for students are some of our priority goals that we strive to achieve.

In addition to this, we provide support to people who are differently abled and children with special needs. We also arrange medical tourism for those who are unable to afford expensive medical treatment outside Djibouti. Moreover our bank is engaged in sponsoring sporting events, drawing and painting competitions for Rotary Club of Djibouti as well as Lions Club of Djibouti.

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