Privacy Policy:

CAC International Bank Privacy Agreement

CAC IB recognizes the importance of your personal information and we never take for granted the trust that you - as a customer or a business partner - have placed in us to protect that information.

CAC IB values transparency. With this Privacy Agreement, along with our Digital Privacy and Interest-Based Advertising Policy, we are striving to provide you with a good understanding of why we collect and use your personal information, how your information is shared, retained and protected, and how you can exercise your personal choices. We will also explain how you can find out what personal information we hold about you. When you apply or sign-up for a product or service that requires further explanation about how we use your personal information, we will explain that to you.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that identifies you or can be used to identify you. Examples of personal information include first and last name, mailing address, telephone number (including mobile), email address, date of birth, government-issued identification (CNI Card, Passport), credit history, information about your employment and education, annual income, assets and liabilities and financial transactions.

Why we collect and use personal information?

We collect and use personal information to establish and manage our banking relationship with you, provide you with personalized products and services manage our business, and comply with legal and regulatory requirements. We will give you some examples to explain each one of these purposes.

To establish and manage our banking relationship

We collect and use personal information to establish and maintain our relationship and provide you with the products and services you have requested.

  • We need to confirm who you are and verify the information you have provided to us: We will ask for your name, address, telephone numbers (including mobile), email address, and date of birth, and may ask for other forms of identification such as a national ID card (CNI), passport or a recent utility bill. We may also ask for certain biometric information, like a fingerprint or a voiceprint to securely verify your identity.
  • We need to assess your eligibility and suitability for our products and services: When you apply for a product like a bank account, credit card, line of credit, mortgage, automotive financing or investment product, or agree to act as a guarantor, we may ask about your credit and payment history, education, employment, annual income, assets and liabilities. We may need information about how you intend to use the product or service and the source of any incoming funds or assets or the source of any down payment.
  • We need to communicate with you: We may communicate with you by phone, fax, mail, email, SMS text message or other electronic means to provide you with information related to the products and services you hold with us, or to collect on a debt owed to us. You can also choose to sign-up to receive alerts (including push notifications) regarding your account.
  • We may need certain credit-related information: We obtain credit and other information about you from credit reporting agencies on an on-going basis. We use this information to assess your application, verify your identity and your current and ongoing creditworthiness, update our records, help us to determine your eligibility for other products and services (such as pre-approved credit products, credit limit increases and balance transfer offers), to manage and assess our risks and to help us help you manage your credit responsibly. Your consent is effective for as long as you have the product or service with CAC IB. The information we obtain from credit reporting agencies may include the types and amounts of credit advanced to you, payment histories, collection actions, legal proceedings, previous bankruptcies and other information reported by your creditors.

  • To provide you with personalized products and services

    We collect and use personal information to provide you with personalized products and services and information about products and services that may be of interest to you.

  • We collect and use information to personalize your experience with us, including: to better understand your needs and preferences including through data analytics; to personalize your experience on our websites and mobile applications; to provide you with tailored communications and offers.
  • We collect and use information to provide you with marketing communications: We may contact you by phone, fax, mail, email, SMS text message or other electronic means about new products and services, offers, events and promotions. Our communications may be tailored based on information that we have about you.
  • If you sign-up to receive electronic messages (such as emails and SMS text messages) from CAC IB, we will each send you communications about our products and services, offers, events, and other valuable information. We may also send you information about the products and services of CAC IB trusted partners that may be of interest to you.

  • We may also use services provided by third-party platforms (such as social networking and other websites) to serve relevant CAC IB advertisements on such platforms to you and others. We may provide a de-identified version of your email address to the platform provider for such purposes.

    We collect and use information when you participate in a contest, survey, or promotion: If you participate in a contest, survey or promotion, we may collect your name, address, phone number, email address, and other information or responses you provide. We use this information to administer your participation in the contest or promotion and as otherwise described to you when you enter. The information obtained through our surveys is used in an aggregated form. We use this information to help us understand our clients and to improve our products and services. If a contest or promotion is administered by a third party (such as a loyalty program partner), we may share information with the third party as described to you at the time of entry into the contest or promotion.

    To manage our business

    We collect and use personal information to operate and manage our business and business relationships

  • We collect and use information to prevent and detect fraud and criminal activity and secure our premises: We may ask you for any additional information required to investigate matters, settle any claim or report a matter to the appropriate authorities. We also conduct video surveillance in and around branches, bank machines and other locations for the purpose of safeguarding our customers and employees and protecting against theft, fraud and vandalism.
  • We collect and use information when you contact us: We record telephone calls for training and quality assurance purposes. We will tell you when we are recording a call.
  • We collect and use information to collect debts, enforce obligations and to manage and assess risk.
  • We collect and use information to manage our business relationships: For example, we collect personal information from employees or other representatives of our suppliers and contractors that is necessary for them to do business with us.
  • We use and analyze the information we collect to better understand our clients, improve our products and services, and to prevent and detect fraud.

  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements

    We are required to collect and use personal information to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

  • We collect and use personal information that may be required for anti-money laundering and “know your client” requirements and other applicable legal or regulatory requirements.

  • Why we share your personal information?

    CAC IB may share your personal information with third parties for the purposes described below.

  • We may share information with our service providers: We may use third party service providers to process or handle personal information on our behalf. Our service providers assist us with various services such as printing, postal and electronic mail distribution, marketing (including by telephone and electronic means), advertising, analytics, customer service, and processing, authorizing and authenticating your transactions.
  • We also provide personal information to credit or payment card networks and associations to administer the payment card system. We may also share information with merchants with whom you have set up pre-authorized or automatic bill payments, in which case we may provide your updated payment card number or expiry date.

    When personal information is provided to our service providers, we will require them to protect the information in a manner that is consistent with CAC IB privacy and security policies, practices and standards.

  • We may share information with credit reporting agencies: We exchange personal information with consumer and credit reporting agencies on an ongoing basis, including information about late payments, missed payments or other defaults.
  • We may share information with your joint account holders, representatives, executors and beneficiaries: We share personal information with joint account holders or representatives (such as a legal guardian, power of attorney or lawyer). Joint account holders will each have access to all of the account history and transaction details for the account. We may also share personal information with your (or your joint account holder’s) estate representatives or beneficiaries where reasonably necessary to administer the estate.
  • We may share information with third parties in connection with a prospective business transaction: If we sell a company or a portion of the business or assets of a CAC IB company, or in the event we sell, assign or securitize your loan, mortgage or other debt, we may provide information we hold about you to the prospective purchaser or investor. The personal information we disclose in such circumstances may include financial information obtained in support of your loan, mortgage or other debt.
  • We may share information to meet legal requirements: CAC IB and our Djiboutian and foreign service providers may disclose personal information where we are required or permitted to do so by applicable law. This may be:
    • to other organizations for the purposes of investigating a breach of an agreement or contravention of law or to detect, suppress or prevent fraud;
    • to establish, exercise or defend legal claims;
    • to protect the rights, property and safety of CAC IB and others;
    • to courts, law enforcement and regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions in which we or our service providers operate, including to respond to a local or foreign court order, search warrant or other demand or request which we believe to be valid;
    • to comply with the rules of production of a local or foreign court; and
    • to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements that we believe are applicable to us, including the requirements of any self-regulatory organizations to which we belong.

  • We may share information in accordance with your requests or as you otherwise consent.

  • How we protect and retain personal information?

    We have implemented measures designed to safeguard the personal information in our custody and control against theft, loss and unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

    We restrict access to personal information to employees and authorized service providers who require access to fulfil their job requirements.

    We may keep and use information about you in our records for as long as it is needed for the purposes described above, or to otherwise meet our legal obligations, even if you are no longer a customer.

    How we maintain accurate personal information?

    We require accurate, complete and up-to-date records to provide our products and services, and we have implemented processes to help ensure this.

    We also rely on you to provide us with information that is true and complete. If any personal information changes or becomes inaccurate or out of date, please advise us using the contact information set out below so we can update our records.

    How to access or update your personal information?

    You can request to access or update the personal information we hold about you. Much of this information is already accessible by you, for example: through your account statements; by visiting the branch or office where you regularly do business; by accessing your account online; or through the Customer Contact Centre. However, to access any other personal information about you, please send request in writing to our Head Office using the contact information included at the end of this Agreement.

    To process your request, we may ask you for information to validate your identity and confirm the scope of your request, such as your branch and account number, and clarification on the specific information or time you are requesting.

    How we notify you of changes to this Privacy Agreement?

    We may amend this Agreement from time to time to reflect changes in our personal information practices. We will post the revised Agreement on our website and make it available at our branches.

    We may also notify you of any changes to this Agreement in any of the following ways:

  • A notice prominently displayed at all CAC IB ATMs;
  • An announcement through an automated telephone message or a digital channel such as a mobile app;
  • A notice on the CAC IB website
  • A notice in our branches; or
  • A notice in your monthly statement.

  • How to contact us?

    If you have an inquiry aboutCAC IB privacy practices or how our service providers and we treat your personal information, please contact the branch or office you deal with or call us at 253-21-35-63-63.

    CAC IB has policies and procedures to receive, investigate, and respond to your privacy complaints and questions. We will investigate all complaints we receive and if we find a complaint justified, we will try to resolve it.

    Please write to us

    Rue de Marseille, P.O BOX 1868

    Djibouti, Republic of Djibouti

    Or call us

    Phone: 253-21-35-63-63

    Fax: 253-21-35-61-55