CAC International Bank's Personal Current account makes your everyday banking easier in many ways.

Access to our bank's ATMs.

Quick and easy way to pay bills and other payments through our mobile banking application.

Come and open your current account with CAC International Bank today!


Current Account (Djiboutian) 

  • National ID document.
  • Address Proof.


Current Account (Non Djiboutian)

  • Passport with valid visa or resident permit. 
  • Local and Permanent Address proof.


CAC International Bank's Salary Account gives employees enhanced access to their funds.

No minimum balance required.

Open and operate the account in DJF/USD/EUR.

Flexibility to use your money any time through local card.

Free online banking access (CAC NET) to check balances as well as obtain updated account statements.

Free CAC Mobile banking access.

Access to our Bank’s ATM network.


Requirements :

  • National ID Document and/or Passport with valid visa or resident permit.
  • Pay slip or Letter from employer.
  • Proof of Address in Djibouti.



With CAC International Bank's Savings account, the longer you save, the higher your returns.

No monthly fee or minimum balance required and very competitive interest rates.




Savings Account (Djiboutian) 

  • National ID document.
  • Address Proof.


Savings Account (Non Djiboutian)

  • Passport with valid resident permit or visa.
  • Confirmation letter for his source of income for operating the account.
  • Local and Permanent Address proof.


Our Junior saving account is a special account designed specifically for children to secure their future through regular contributions from their parents or guardians.

Children from age 1 to 18 years can be a part of this initiative in the custody of their parents. The program aims to encourage all customers to provide part of their income to secure the future of their children, while the bank provides a good return every six months.

Teach your kids healthy financial habits and the importance of saving and investing early.

Budgeting, saving, the power of compound interest… All-important lessons to learn from an early age.



  • Children from 1 to 18 years of age benefit from the account.
  • The principle of this program is to provide revenue every six months.



  • Valid ID card of the parent/guardian.
  • Birth certificate of child.
  • 2 passport sized photos of the parent/guardian.
  • 2 passport size photos of the child.
  • Proof of address.


CAC International Bank's customers can earn more returns on their deposits by opening a Fixed Deposit account. This can be done by placing a fixed amount for a fixed period at a fixed rate.

On maturity, the customer has the option of renewing or withdrawing  the deposit. 



Service Features

  • Gaining high interests according to the approved pricing, and deposited every (3, 6, 12) months as per the
           customer request.
  • Opening a current account without a minimum balance used to deposit the interests periodically.
  • Customer can acquire loans or credit facilities secured by the deposit.


Terms and Documents required to obtain the service

  • Application form.
  • The minimum balance required to fix a deposit is 500 000 FDJ.
  • The Customer should open a current account and fix the deposit, the current account can be in local 
           currency or any approved foreign currencies.