Credit & Debit cards are issued to customers to enable them use their money efficiently, safely and securely.

CAC International Bank is one of the few banks in Djibouti that provides their customers with the following:

Credit Cards

We provide our customers with credit cards to enable them to pay for goods and services with a promise to the bank that when the monies are due, they will make good on the amount due. The bank provides the following credit cards:

  • Visa Platinum Credit Card.
  • MasterCard World Credit Card.
  • MasterCard Platinum Credit Card.


Debit Cards

This card provides customers access to their money conveniently with minimum risk. The card is linked to the customer’s account providing them safe and secure access to funds without carrying hard cash. The bank provides MasterCard Debit Card to its customers.


Prepaid Cards

Here customers load the card with whatever amount they wish. This card is primarily used for e-Commerce and provides the holder safe and secure access to their funds. We provide CAC International Bank's Websurfer Card. 


  • Signed application form.
  • Card issuance fee is only 45$ (8010 DJF).



Point of Sale (POS)

For our business customers, we provide POS to facilitate a safe and secure mode of receiving payments from their clients.


We have recently introduced POS in Djibouti which accepts both Visa & MasterCard.